Running With The Hunted host “The Other Guy” gets deflowered in the first episode of the podcast. He talks about buying his first album, city life in the underbelly of San Francisco, cheap perfume and travelling the world: All in the first three minutes. The show highlights his personal experience ranging from sex and heartache to being sent to “special” school in his youth. The episode serves as an icebreaker between your host, The Other Guy and you: the listener. Tune in and listen to this raw and sincere episode where The Other Guy let’s down his guard and shows you a glimpse of his own personal fears and his desire to take ahold of the “possibility” days.

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2 comments on “Those Awkward Introductions Ep. 00

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  1. Gregory Mar 7, 2017

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast. You have a knack for telling your story in an entertaining and captivating manner.
    You personal anecdotes compelled me to continue listening, and when the gloves came off (when you opened up about your fears and vulnerability), I was glad I kept listening. It made you sound personable. It was then that I realized I can relate. Again, the anecdotes were so well spoken and set up that I literally felt like I was watching a movie, especially toward the end! I look forward to hearing more!

  2. Jared King Mar 12, 2017

    Thought provoking and entertaining! I have to give it to this podcast it is raw and sincere and a breath of fresh air. I can’t believe I just stumbled upon this show. Thank you iTunes for having this. I listened to the first episode and by the end I felt like I knew this guy and better yet I liked him. Damn! Whoever ‘The Other Guy’ actually is I gotta say if you ever find yourself in Florida let’s hang out man! It’s not often that you get a sense that someone is being absolutely and completely real with you. This show is just that. The guy isn’t selling you anything or getting preachy. Just offering a refreshing point of view! Thank you for this show. Seriously THANK YOU.

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