The Quiet Lull Between Problems is your second date with The Other Guy. We are a little past the awkward introductions, but still in that getting to know you phase. In that spirit your host continues to let you in on more of his background and thoughts. The Other Guy talks about his time spent in the South Pacific, a three mile walk and trees that fly. The episode picks up steam as he talks about the similarities of bipolar disorder and marriage. The Other Guy dives into the love and happiness of relationships, and why they shouldn’t be considered anything except work. Human interaction takes center stage in this episode with false expectations serving as a backdrop. Tune in and listen to this highly charged episode and hear where the foundation of successful relationships should be built.

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2 comments on “Quiet Lull Between Problems Ep. 01

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  1. Christopher Korp Mar 12, 2017

    Fantastic podcast.

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