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July 11, 2017

I’ve been producing the podcast for a few months now and I have something close to fifteen episodes. It has been extremely fun and I feel as though I am finding my rhythm when it comes to producing content. I believe that the show is continuing to evolve and I think it’s heading in the right direction. Of course I know that refinements will take place and I’m optimistic that over time I will look back on my initial shows and think to myself, “good God!”

The truth is it’s actually fairly difficult to get a show up and running; finding people to interview is an exercise in patience – as most people want a major platform to feature them and don’t have time for an independent. But, it doesn’t hinder me from asking. I mean really, I only contact people (or companies) that I find interesting or of value…so when they decline the opportunity to talk I just make a mental note-to-self (perhaps they aren’t as cool as I thought).

But, I enjoy the struggle of producing. I enjoy sharing stories, experiences and my own take on things. It’s why I started podcasting in the first place. Maybe one day I will no longer be considered an independent podcaster, perhaps Lucky Brand, Baby Bjorn or Nikon will sponsor me and I will have the likes of Chuck D, Cheech Marin or L’ovedbaby agreeing to interviews. Until then I will keep producing my own brand of stories and hope that the right audience gets turned on to them.

That’s actually the reason I’m writing this entry now. I know that there are so many podcast choices out there vying for your attention. Tons of platforms and show categories that run the gamut.. from Nerds With Words to The Sound and the Story. The truth is my show probably isn’t for everyone. But, for those of you that do enjoy it I’m asking for your help.

As an independent podcaster I rely heavily (almost solely) on my audience to spread the word. I love the idea of like-minded people sharing my show. It is reminiscent of me letting someone in on a new band I just discovered (back in my music snob days). The best way that you can help spread the word about Running With The Hunted (and perhaps help me get some of those people to accept interview requests) is by reviewing the show. Whatever platform you listen to the show on I encourage you to take a few minutes and write something.

Reviews, comments, subscriptions and shares are so extremely important to independent podcasters and I (and all the other indie podcasters out there) will forever be grateful to you for taking the time to contribute your thoughts! Thank you (in advance)!

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