Forward Toward The Infinite Abyss

August 1, 2017

For much of my life I felt as though I was drifting; moving forward toward the infinite abyss of a future unknown. I enjoyed myself. Even when things were shitty, oddly enough – they were still enjoyable. It is the freeing experience that growth brings I suppose; falling in love, chasing dreams and setting out on the adventure. When we are young everything is an adventure.

You go from having nothing except big plans and ideals to slowly acquiring experience. And it’s the experiences that shape you. One day you wake up and find that you have things you care about. Deeply. Your big plans, ideals and adventure turn into meaning… and meaning gives your life purpose.

It’s what we all desire: Purpose – whether we consciously know it or not. Some trick themselves into believing that purpose and profession are adequate enough synonyms. But, trust me they aren’t. It took years for me to understand how to differentiate the wheat from the tare – That which is meaningful and that which disguises its emptiness as significant.

Life is a process. Don’t be afraid of the experience.

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