July 6, 2017

(Archive Post – May 23, 2017)

Ok. So, I’ve been a little remiss in keeping the Poesy section of the site current. I apologize. Not to make any excuses but things have been hectic. I took a little hiatus from the show because of a new addition to my family. My wife and I welcomed our daughter Frances Olivia to our family and I have been spending every waking moment with her! I was fortunate enough to have the ability to take more than a month off of work in order to spend time with my daughter.

You can hear more about it in detail on the current episode of the show. I have to admit I was surprised how much my life changed as soon as Frances was born. I am extremely happy and scared shitless all at the same time. Parenthood changes you, and as a result I think the podcast will be changing as well; because I’m not the same guy I was before fatherhood – I can’t see that the show will be the same either.

I’ve been giving it some thought and I think that I have an opportunity here to connect with my daughter through the show. We all grow up and to some extent or another struggle with “knowing” our parents. It’s hard to see them as people who struggle through the same issues we have. I feel as though this show can be a record for my daughter to one day find and perhaps get to know me as me… and not just her father. It can serve more of a purpose and finally find its true focus.

I will do my best to keep up with more entries.

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