The Other Guy

Meet The Other Guy

The Other Guy grew up in your normal dysfunctional family of the 80s. When he was a kid.. He was told he would have a bright future. That he  was full of something they called potential;  a book full of blank pages, just waiting for the story of his life to be written. He was going to contribute something grand. The Other Guy was supposed to strive for something more.

There are so many directions.. so many choices.. so many points he could have done something different. So many possibilities, that just never happened; you close a chapter and you move on. Little by little, you think about things less.. until one day you don’t think about them at all. It’s as if.. it never really happened; it’s as if “that” life never existed.

This is his way of trying to remember…

The Other Guy played bass in a shitty little garage band when he lived in San Francisco; owned a bar in the South Pacific when he found love in Tonga; and that love was the driving force behind his late enlistment in the U.S. military when he was already in his thirties. He’s met some great people along the way – and some that weren’t so great. But, all in all he’s had one hell of a ride.

The Other Guy has spent the past 40 years of his life soaking it up. In his early teens he spent time working as a baggage handler for an airline. The job certainly wasn’t glamorous but it allowed him to travel the world two times around – taking in the sights, sounds, people and cultures. He’s seen the sun rise and set on six different continents and has lived in three different countries.

The Other Guy has been a bartender, a baggage handler, a storyteller and a Sailor. He’s seen his fair share of ups and downs. He’s a husband. A brother. A son and a father. He’s just as likely to fuck everything up as he is to figure anything out – and something tells me that’s the reason why you’re going to be able to relate to him.

You can call him The Other Guy…and he’s your host as we go Running With The Hunted.

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