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The Moon & The Raindrops Ep. 13

In this week’s episode of the show The Other Guy talks about the moon and the raindrops and how they pertain to his time living in the South Pacific. Listen to a tale of embracing... Read More
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Fear Of The Wasted Years Ep. 12

In this episode The Other Guy talks about his ‘I was in a band’ chapter of the story of his life and how his time grinding for the group changed his outlook and work ethic... Read More
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The Debt Collector Ep. 11

In this episode of Running With The Hunted, The Other Guy talks about the importance of communication between couples, milestone memory markers and how you can never avoid the debt collector. Tune in to hear... Read More
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Truth That’s Hard to Find Ep. 10

In this episode of the podcast The Other Guy keeps it short and sweet… concentrating on the topic of truth – The way we accept it, find it and ultimately deal with the inconvenience of... Read More

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Independent Podcasting

I’ve been producing the podcast for a few months now and I have something close to fifteen episodes. It has been extremely fun and I feel as though I am finding my rhythm when it…

Finding September Again

I think that we all long for a sense of belonging. We’re homesick for a place that never existed; a time that we’ve carefully manufactured in our dreams. We spend a lifetime building things up…the…

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