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We Are America Ep. 17

In this Episode of Running With The Hunted, The Other Guy talks about the struggles of marriage, compromise and the need for everyone to be better than they were yesterday. Check it out and remember... Read More
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The Flirtation Of Waking Up Ep. 16

The podcast is back.. After what seemed to be forever The Other Guy has returned to the airwaves. In this episode he talks about why he was gone for so long, how America has changed... Read More
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On & Off The Road Ep. 15

This week’s episode of Running With The Hunted is aptly titled On & Off The Road. As The Other Guy gears up for a move across the world he reflects on the first time he... Read More
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The Nature Of Contradiction Ep. 14

In this week’s episode of the show The Other Guy takes on The ‘Nature’ of Contradiction. Listen in as he talks about how a Corona commercial got him thinking about the environment, and what our... Read More

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The Silence Between The Notes

My time in Sicily is coming closer and closer to an end. I’ve recently moved out of my apartment and into a hotel awaiting my departure from Italy. With flight schedules, departure dates and rental…

Scrapyard Lullaby

I always offer the first bite to my wife and she always saves her last bite for me. I enjoy cooking; it’s one of my favorite things And I don’t mind doing the dishes either….

Forward Toward The Infinite Abyss

For much of my life I felt as though I was drifting; moving forward toward the infinite abyss of a future unknown. I enjoyed myself. Even when things were shitty, oddly enough – they were…

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